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Trotting Potter Salts

Single Origin, Blended, Flavoured

What's the difference?

A Single Origin salt is a salt that comes from a specific location, such as a certain country, sea or mountain range. Examples include Red Alaea from Hawaii, Inca Sun From Peru, Persian Blue from Iran to name a few.

A Blended salt is a salt that's been blended with different spices and herbs, such as our Curry Salt and Mexican Salt.

A Flavoured Salt is a salt that we infuse or blend with a single flavour, such as our Red Wine Salt or our Liquorice Salt




Trotting Potter Salts

Trotting Potter Salts started when two chefs, Ant and Jon, started experimenting with flavouring salts and tried to source different world salts. After realising the lack choice of salts available, they decided to set up TPS.

As chefs and foodies we spend hours going out and trying to source the best ingredients to produce fantastic dishes. We then season them with over processed salt that are full of anti-caking agents (do you know what sodium-ferrocyanide is?), which taste bitter and due to processing all of the essential minerals naturally found in salt are lost.

At Trotting Potter Salts we decided to help put a stop to this and give you all a range of salts to choose from.

The ability to salt food properly is the single most important skill in cooking.

Thomas Keller, The French laundry cookbook

Our Salts


We source our salts from several different suppliers. We only work with companies that encourage and work towards sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly working practices during the salt harvest.

None of our salts contain any anti-caking agents, artificial flavourings or preservatives. They're also vegetarian and vegan friendly.

All of our flavoured and blended salts are handmade in small batches to ensure quality and consistency.

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